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Power Washing / Pressure Washing


Adam Niden Painting is aware of environmental safety, protecting your vegetation and home or commercial property surfaces from chemical hazards. With an eye on being green, Adam Niden Painting only uses bio-degradeable detergents in our cleaning process. Through proper preparation, the use of surface scrubbers, and the application of hot water (when needed), we are able to achieve the outstanding results that we do.

Why power wash your home or business?

The exterior surfaces of your home or business are constantly exposed to harmful elements, both man-made and natural. Ultraviolet light rays, wind, rain, dirt, and grime physically attack surfaces causing them to degrade, discolor, oxidize or chalk over time. Mold, mildew, birds, insects, spiders, tree sap and “shot-gun” spores can add to these effects. Then comes the assault caused by man-made elements such as industrial pollution and automotive exhaust, acid rain, chimney soot, and even smoke from your BBQ. These take their toll on your home over time. If not removed periodically they can destroy the beauty and reduce the value of your property dramatically.



To maintain the appearance and value of your home, periodic Powerwash cleaning of exterior surfaces is recommended. This may include power washing your house, deck, roof, awnings, gutters, patio, walks, and driveway, or office building. The frequency of cleaning will depend on local conditions. Cleaning can greatly slow the ravages of nature and it will definitely enhance the beauty and preserve the value and livability of your house or property. Application of protective coatings and sealers can supply longer term protection and enhanced appearance. (Ask us for specifics.)

Algae, Mildew and Mold

Mildew is a common problem in some areas due to local conditions of heat, humidity and surroundings. Airborne mold and fungus spores can also produce similar harmful deposits. Adam Niden Painting uses environmentally friendly, cleaning agents designed specifically to eliminate mildew and mold while also removing dirt and pollution. Our Powerwash cleaning agents leave behind a clean surface that is not readily hospitable to mildew and mold spores and therefore will slow their re-appearance. We can also apply a proprietary treatment to further retard the future growth of mold and mildew.



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